David Newstead

Managing Partner

I am the Managing Partner at Datacentrespeak and have worked with Michael for the past twenty years. Since the foundation of Datacentrespeak I have become more and more convinced that the company is unique within the industry, Datacentrespeak has grown quickly following a number of successful engagements, we enable companies to quickly gain a foothold into emerging markets they are targeting at a faster rate and at lower costs.

My vision is to see the company continue to grow and be regarded as the go to company of excellence.


Mitsubishi Sales manger 3 years.
18 years at IBM, National Account manager South Africa, and IBM PCD Global Sales UK.
VP Banking and Finance sector Schneider Electric 18.5 years.
DatacentreSpeak past 18 months.

Specialist skills

I have a wealth of experience with Global Accounts, and maintains close working relationships with many C level people.
Strong understanding of Global project roll outs and supply chain issues.
Previous commercial achievements that you don’t mind sharing.
Extensively involved in four DC builds within the ICC tower Hong Kong for Major Banks.
Secured Major build for top Bank in Mumbai.
Secured the new trading floor in Tokyo For Major USA Bank.
And many other projects WW.

  • Tel: +44 7500 983 771
  • Location: Over the past 40 years + I have worked in all key areas around the world, from HK, to Mainland China, Japan and Other parts of Asia, including India and Europe and Middle East.
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