Digital transformation can be a daunting area, as it encompasses multiple aspects of our digital infrastructure. With Digital Speak offerings, we are focusing on optimising the operational agility of your hybrid infrastructure, whether it be a multi-tenanted DC, IoT devices, globally connected hybrid infrastructure or a wholly owned, private DC. If you offer cloud services, then we can help you with your Edge strategy, and get you closer to your clients with faster services.

We have a global executive team at your disposal to help you take on some of the most difficult business change challenges. If you are not sure how to tackle the problem, or how to frame the answer, then we have the experience and knowledge of the market to help you.

Our approach centres on fire triangle of people, processes and technology, which together ignite the transformation process. We appreciate the complexity of established businesses, and seek to frame a roadmap to success keeping your business and architectures as agile as possible.

Digital Speak Offerings

Multi-cloud Orchestration

Over the past 10 years we have been adding services such as AWS, Azure and other cloud services to our infrastructure portfolio. However, many are noticing that we need a layer above this to manage the portfolio of cloud services, both from a cost perspective, charging back to internal clients and trying to keep some semblance of control.

Maximise your assets

Do you know if you have zombie servers? Or if you’re maximising the space in the rack? Do you have visibility of your entire estate from the power to the application?

Optimise your cost base

Most companies have a hybrid infrastructure that has evolved over time. (Uptime stats) This leads to multiple cloud instances as well as on prem or colo installations, in multiple locations. It can be difficult to be sure which service or application is best hosted where. We can analyse your infrastructure in a way that give you a sound decision-making platform to optimise your infrastructure cost base.

Case Studies

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