So, you want to invest in Data centres!

Where do you start? What sector should you develop your portfolio in? What geographic location? An emerging market? Hyperscale, Colocation or Multi-tenant data center?  There are so many choices and so many factors to consider.

Good investment is about understanding the end game. This is not simply the Return on the Investment, it’s the result of a good business plan supported by market intelligence and aligned with your investors’ expectations.

DatacentreSpeak has many years’ experience in the global data center industry. Our Associates have worked throughout the business, dealing with every subject from investment and business planning, to site location, conceptual design detailed design, construction methodologies, anchor tenant development, site assessment, and validation. Our team also have practical experience in packaging and configuring the data center offering, and taking it to market.

Put that experience to use in your investment strategy! Speak to DatacentreSpeak and setup a roadmap to success.

Services offered:

  • Site Assessment for greenfield (new) data center development
  • Data Center Assessment (existing facility)
  • Market Assessment (Region, country)
  • Data Center Roadmap Development (Investors, Developers)
  • Data Center Target Market Assessment
  • Investors M&A for data centers availability
  • Strategy and Business Planning Development, for life cycle of the data center

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High-level statistics from our projects over the last 10 years:

25+ Countries
200+ DC involvement, reviewed
1GW+ Critical Power planned, designed…
1M+ SQM of IT space
$10B+ value

Global DC strategy for new DC’s and Colo strategy

  • 2X 40MW DC, Colorado Springs, USA
  • 1x 40MW DC, Germany
  • 1x40MW DC, India
  • 250 Colo site engagements

DC assessment and expansion

  • Government DC Singapore
  • Expansion of 8MW
  • Tier certification T3
  • Opportunity development and PM

Due Diligence for 11 DC acquisition, EMEA

  • DC site selection
  • Existing DC DD
  • Client interface and support
  • UK, NL, DE, IT, FR

Investment due diligence for telecoms infrastructure

  • German Telecoms supplier assets
  • Fibre systems validate and report.
  • Expansion strategy and design options.

DC due diligence, conceptual design, and client-side project support.

  • Investment planning and conceptual design management
  • 1B EUR Hyperscale dc 1M m2, 190MW power
  • 2 x building, 8 DC halls
  • Dublin, Ireland

Business plan development and investment

  • Conceptual design for investment approval.
  • 16 locations green and brown field sites
  • Assessment services and PM support

DC operational review and improvement

  • 40MW DC, 400m2
  • Tier 3+
  • Mission critical operation
  • Riyadh, Sud Arabia