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At DatacentreSpeak, we believe that business development requires a structured, process-driven approach. We subscribe to an agile methodology; it is vital that goals and outcomes are stated, responsibilities assigned and accountability introduced.

We aim to deliver value quickly, firstly by providing feedback whether your product or service fills a gap by meeting potential customers’ needs. Based on our learnings, from the market and your organisation, we can adapt our approach to improve business development outcomes.

We never settle for second best. We work with you to achieve the best results from our collaborative business development program.

Our four-stage process to define strategy utilises the Business Development Capability Maturity Model® – encompassing the full business development life cycle and acknowledging that when realised, success in business development is the orchestrated work of a team with a plan.

DatacentreSpeak Four-stage Process

DatacentreSpeak use a four-stage process to identify the customer requirement

DatacentreSpeak uses an AGILE approach to determine and agree client’s goals, expectations and timescales.

Confirmation of the customer’s go-to-market, USP, timelines and agree what success looks like.

Stage Two – FEEDBACK 
Capture feedback and submit report to client for agreement and approval to move forward.

Stage Three – PROPOSAL
Based on feedback report agreement, a proposal is created and submitted to client for acceptance.

DatacentreSpeak uses the Business Development Capability Maturity Model® to evaluate the maturity of client’s customer interactions, business development leadership approach, people and organizational capabilities, process management, and support systems.

The output from the Engagement Workshop enables DatacentreSpeak to agree on client’s target customers and business development activities for the next 30 days.

Account-based Targeting

Account-based Targeting is the strategy of focusing on the individuals key to success within target companies as defined by DatacentreSpeak client’s Go-To-Market strategy.

Account-based Targeting is a subset of Account Based Marketing perfected by DatacentreSpeak.

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